You Should Feel Good. Because You Deserve it.

Here at DLG, we approach the holiday season with our hearts full, reminiscing on all the good, the bad, and the ugly we saw in 2015. We think about all the things we’ve accomplished and all the things left on that never ending and always growing to-do list. But we’re thankful to have that list. Having that list means we’re always striving for new goals, new adventures, and new opportunities. In January of 2015 we listened in on a forum directed by Todd Anderson, a Top 100 instructor out of Sea Island Georgia, and coach to numerousĀ PGA Tour players. Ā One of the things he said that really stuckĀ with us for the past 11 months was:

“Do something each day that makes you uncomfortable. If you do that, you know you’re living. If you don’t, you’re just existing.”


Those words have become our mantra. We didn’t know it then, but living in that fashion has fostered more growth than we could’ve ever imagined. Thanks for the pep talk, Todd.

This year we’re reminded of our blessings…all the good people who have entered our lives, and all the good times we’ve had with those we cherish the most. Looking back, a lot of those memories revolve around the game of golf for us. It’s a sport that can bring you to your knees, but in an instant it can make you feel on top of the world. And the best part about it? All it takes is one swing, one shot…one putt that drops when you least expect it, and you’re right in the thick of it again. Simply put, we love this game and feel so thankful to be a part of growing it.

In January of 2015, we launched a company. Our mission was to share with the world a product we spent three years building and perfecting. Ā The Navigator saw a successful first year, and we’re continuing to push for the stars. And in pushing for the stars, we realize it’s important to ask the tough questions, both in golf and in life.

– Did you do everything you could to be the best you can be?

– How many strokes did you leave out there?

– Have you tracked your stats this past season? (check out our friends at GAME GOLF if you need a cool way to help out with this!)

Can you pinpoint any areas you need to work on to help shave a few strokes and have the best season EVER in 2016?

Golf is a brilliant metaphor for living. It’s the never ending struggle for perfection that places us in this grapple-held pursuit of betterment. We tinker, we try new things, we practice, we read books, we consult with experts, we stretch ourselves paper-thin looking for the elusive answer to all that woes us.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we can’t help but show our appreciation for some of our favorite people and things that have made 2015 a great year…and will undoubtedly push us to slip 2016 into an even higher gear.

1. Scott Mahoney + Peter Millar
2. Jerry Haas + the Wake Forest Men’s Golf Team
3. Todd Anderson and Mike Shannon at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center
4. Score Mentors
5. Coffee
6. New Technology
7. Our Friends
8. Our Followers
9. Our Critics

10. And most importantly – Our customers

Thank you to everyone who has believed in us and helped with our journey. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the ride so far… and we promise, we’re just getting started. To 2016!

P.S. As you prepare for the mad rush this holiday season and look to find that perfect gift for a golfer, do keep us in mind. We’ve got a great holiday sale going!