We’re Getting Kickstarted!

Ladies and gents,

Our response at the PGA Show was beyond our wildest expectations. So far beyond them, in fact, that we have a demand we could use some help to meet. We’re looking to move into large-scale distribution right from the get-go, so we launched a crowdfunding campaign. We’re going to get the Navigator into the hands of players AROUND THE WORLD (seriously!).  

Kickstarter is reward-based, meaning backers aren’t just handing over a donation (unless they want to). You can pick which rewards package you’d like to buy into for your pledge. And we have all kinds of gear to offer. Snag yourself a Dirty koozie, some whiskey rocks glasses, the Navigator itself… the list goes on! We happen to be offering a limited edition Navigator that will be available ONLY on Kickstarter. And it’s pretty damn badass.

Let’s step your putting game up, take the golfing world by storm, and show the world how to get Dirty!

Access the Kickstarter here: GET DIRTY WITH US.

The limited edition Navigator. Available only on Kickstarter.

The limited edition Navigator. Available only on Kickstarter.