Unlock The 4 Dirty Secrets to Rolling the Rock

Putting is simple.  It doesn’t require brute force, strength, superhuman abilities, or some freakish understanding of biomechanics. That’s why it’s the hottest way to impact your scores, and typically the fastest.

There are four main things to consider (and while we won’t give away all the dirty details here, feel free to download the full report HERE) Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything.

  1. Line – (face angle) contributes 92-95% to the starting direction of the ball. PUT AWAY THOSE PUTTING RAILS! (check out The Navigator)
  2. Pace – Use a metronome to hone your speed control. Check out the details here.
  3. Read – Think about how you would read a book (always from the low side)
  4. Confidence – Let Go. No mechanical thoughts. Pick a spot on your line and roll he ball over that spot.

Notice I said “roll.” There is an important distinction with great putters vs. poor putters with terminology and frame of mind. We always roll putts, and we NEVER hit them. Hitting implies brute force. And as we know, you don’t need to be juicing to be a great putter.

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Learn the 4 Dirty Secrets

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