The Return of the GOAT (And the Secret Story Behind his Unraveling Career)

The “Secret Life of Tiger Woods” is a slap-in-the-face reminder that in a world full of happy selfies and brag-laden Facebook statuses, every single person on this planet has deep hidden struggles that might never make it to the surface. And unless you’ve chosen to thrust yourself into the limelight, theres no tabloid that will dig up your skeletons. For most celebs, the media’s incessant prodding into personal details and unearthing of intimate secrets is both invasive and infuriating.

But could it be what turns the corner for our OFWGR #499? 


Follow with us here:

Aug 2013: TW’s Last professional win – WGC Bridgestone Invitational

Aug 2015: Plays in last competitive event before dropping off the map (Wyndham Championship) Finished T-10

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, January: Nada

February 2016: Somebody says he’s throwing in the towel and is so disabled that he can’t get up out of the passenger seat of a car, so he hits a 9-iron on video and blasts it to the world

March 2016: Posing for Rolex (gotta pay the mortgage somehow)

April 2016: ESPN story released. Woods plays his first full five holes in nearly a year at the grand opening of BlueJack National, and spontaneously signs up for his return to golf at the U.S. Open at Oakmont in July —  arguably one of the most difficult venues of any PGA Tour stop.

Over under on winning score at +8 ? (Have you seen that 300 yard par 3?)

Injury recovery aside, the timing is certainly interesting. Now that all the dirty laundry is aired, could this be the refreshing new chapter in the book of Tiger Woods? Or have we seen the last of the man who dominated the golf arena for longer than any professional athlete in the world? He said it himself, “anything beyond here is just gravy.”

For all of us here at DLG, we hope he blows it out of the water and gives the media something else to talk about other than #SB2K16 at Baker’s Bay. (Not that we didn’t love those rowdy snapchats)

Wouldn’t that be great for the game?

“Never look back unless you’re planning to go that way.” – Henry David Thoreau