The meaning of dirty

I distinctly remember the first time I caught word of “Dirty Larry.” At the time, I still didn’t have a clue as to who this Larry character was or what all the fuss was about, but it was immediately evident that he had a big impact on people around him.

The Facebook status read, “I wish I were Dirty Larry. He’s got it figured out.”  Now, it’s one thing for someone to admire you for being attractive, funny, intelligent, etc. It is quite another for someone to want to BE you. And it didn’t stop there, either- seven “likes,” four comments. I honestly thought he was someone famous (although, now he kind of is).

As I grew closer to my then-future sweetheart, I realized even more so how much Larry meant to him and the rest of the local golf community. If Larry wasn’t on the course with Dave for his 18 holes, he’d be guaranteed a phone call afterward. And when “quick chats” rolled on into 30 to 45 minute long conversations, I’d sit back in awe. Sometimes Dave was fired up, talking about the adrenaline rush after an amazing round. Other times he was down in the dumps, beating himself up because he’d shot over 80 (Welcome to the golf world). Yet, no matter what the situation, Dave walked away with the same cool, calm and collected demeanor when he hung up the phone. Larry was essentially a golf buddha.

It would be some time before I met Larry, but when I finally did, I felt like I had already known him my whole life. I was invited to join the boys at our local sports bar, their traditional 19th hole after a skins game. As soon as I walked through the door, Larry embraced me with a warm hug and we all shared a round of beers. The waitresses not only knew Larry, but knew how to make his drink (or in Larry’s terms, “shooter” or “zinger”) just how he liked it. He was ultra smooth. You certainly couldn’t miss his bright pastels and shiny pinky ring, but he never seemed to crave attention. He was a listener. He’d let the boys carry on, letting out a good chuckle here and there in response to their antics. He couldn’t be thrown by a single word they said, no matter how outlandish or shocking it might be. Larry could hang. Most importantly, Larry never made anyone feel uncomfortable- a sign of true class.

I know from several different milestone moments that Larry never knew how much of a difference he was making in people’s lives. Who would ever think a group of twenty-something-year-olds would view him the way they do? He never realized how much of a star he was, because he never tried to be one. It’s just who he is. 

Larry’s attendance at our Super Bowl party this past year made it a very special one. And the night ended in tear-filled eyes as the guys presented him with a picture of their graduating PGM class and told him how much they’d miss him as they went their separate ways to various clubs across the country. And for once, Dirty Larry was speechless.

When the Dirty Larry Golf brand came into the works, Dave and I were ecstatic to be on board. It wasn’t just some golf company. It was an aura, a lifestyle. The challenge for us has been finding a way to show those who don’t know Dirty Larry what it’s all about. We’ve done a lot of talking for Larry and tried to spread the word through various social media outlets, but I wanted to give him a place to do some talking of his own.

And so, we present you with the Dirty Larry Golf blog. Dirty Larry will be running the show from here, and we’ll be sure to share with you on Facebook and Twitter. We have big things in the works in these next few months, so stay tuned. And we hope you enjoy!