The Cheapest Golf Lesson You Could Ever Take

Did you know….¬†

Tour players actually aim for the sand when a hazard lurks on the opposite side of the green. Why is that? 

It’s because most don’t consider the sand hazard to be any type of hazard at all. Oh, and they’ve taken the “dollar golf lesson,” you’re about to take below. Check out our four steps to explosive bunker play below and stop dreading every time you see your ball flying for the beach!¬†

1. Stance 

-Wide, Wide, Wide. Get stable. All good bunker players dig in their feet to form a solid foundation. 

2. Club and clubface 

– This is¬†where your tools come into play. If you’re working¬†with a wedge that came with your set (i.e. it just says “S” on the bottom), it’s time to upgrade. Head to GolfSmith¬†and grab something that’s designed to power through the fluff. Practically anything from the wedge section will do. *IMPORTANT – If you normally play in fluffy sand, make sure to get a wedge with HIGHER bounce (8-14). If you play in harder or more compacted sand, get a wedge with LOWER¬†bounce (0-8)unnamed

-Lay the clubface almost flat (with the face pointed to the sky) and adjust your stance accordingly.

3. Speed 

-Most amateur golfers “give up” halfway down and strike the sand with hesitation. Don’t be that guy. The club must work all the way through the ball in order to blast it out of the bunker. The higher you want to hit it, the more speed you need and the less sand you take. Plus, the faster the club is moving, the more spin you can impart on the ball.

4. The “Dollar” Lesson¬†

-Take a dollar out of your wallet and lay it in the bunker with the long side aiming towards your target. Sit the golf ball right on top of George Washington’s nose. The goal? Take a dollar sized divot (sand included). That dollar gives your mind something to grab onto when deciding where the entry and exit point should be. This lesson provides a great visual for every time that pesky white pelota ends up in a sand “hazard.”¬†



Get to it! 



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