The EASIEST (and CHEAPEST) Ways To Beat the Heat on the Golf Course

I don’t know about the rest of the country — but outside in NC it’s been like a wet sauna for the past six-weeks straight. That can put a real damper on your plans to put the peg in the ground, but with our 3 Easiest (and Cheapest) Ways to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course, you can be sure to find some comfort while the rest of the world can’t even hang onto their 7-iron.

1. The Wrap-Around “Cool Yourself Off” Cloth – $14.99

These things actually work — And they may even help you perform better, too. Have you ever noticed feeling even more EXHAUSTED after a long day in the sun and heat vs. a long day in the sun and cold? That’s because when you exercise, the body releases heat. And in hot temps, the body has to use even MORE energy to cool that internal temperature. Now, imagine cutting back on the amount of energy needed to thermoregulate, and devoting it to more important things such as, uh… NOT skulling your wedge over the green because your hands slipped from the handle.

Welcome to the EnduraCool Techknit Cooling Towel by Mission

I bet if you throw that bad boy around your neck and keep it cold all day (most golf cars have ice buckets these days), you’ll not only FEEL much better out there, but you’ll perform at a higher level AND feel less exhausted at the end of the round. Plus they do ‘Merica just like we do.

WIN, WIN BABY!Mission_Cooling_Towel_Microfiber_USA_Flag_large

2. THE YETI RAMBLER (okay maybe not the cheapest, but totally the best) $29.99 – $39.99

Pour a cold beverage at 8AM, take it with you to the course and that son-of-a-gun will be cold to the last drop on the 18th hole. (We advise drinking much more than one Rambler during the regular course of play, but that’s neither here nor there)


3. The Do-It-Yourself Cooler – $40-$50

Man, this thing will turn some heads in the parking lot. Best part about it? You can explain to the pro that it’s just an air conditioner and that you’re *not* violating their outside beverage policy. 

For under $50, you can make yourself a portable air conditioner that sits conveniently on the dash of the golf car (bring some bungee chords and you’re good to go). Check out the step by step instructional video below. 

*Note: You will have to use a battery powered fan, instead of a traditional outlet powered one. 


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