The 5 Best Foolproof Tips on Hitting the “Hero” Shot from The Pines (You Know You Want To)

Anybody who’s had the pleasure of playing this marvelous game of golf has realized it’s not always all about fairways and green grasses. ¬†More than a time or two, you’ve ended up in the pines, oaks, willows, or maples. ¬†It’s almost as imminent¬†as Jason Day winning the FedEx Cup this year.¬† Inevitably, you’ll take out your 8-iron and pitch one back into the fairway, just as every teaching pro has taught you to do. “Take your medicine,” they say. “It’s better than the snowman,” they say. Well little flower…today, all of that changes.¬†


Think about it…

Your one shot at stardom stares you right in the cornea, and the only thing standing between you and newspaper headlines is an 8-inch gap between two towering oaks. It’s time to ditch the¬†obedient schoolboy approach for once. Because defying expectations is not only fun, but gratifying. It’s like a punch in the stomach to every time anybody told you “that’s impossible.” Because threading that needle is¬†quite possibly the most internally satisfying event a mortal could ever experience on planet earth.¬†

And because nobody remembers 2nd place.

So don your cape, check-off these 5 check-list items below, and¬†you’ll be on your way to becoming something you can talk about at the Sunday evening dinner table. *We’re not making any promises that your wife & kids, dog, brother, or ferret will share in your sentiment.¬†


How do fighter pilots land on aircraft carriers? How does a pitcher put a 95 MPH fast ball on the inside corner of a plate? How does a sniper knock out the insurgent from a mile away? It all originates in one place: picking your spot. The smaller the spot, the more accurate that computer between your ears will be with interpreting it.

From behind the ball (looking down the line of your established target, pick a spot no more than 6″ in front of the ball for your starting line. This is CRUCIAL. The goal is to align the face to this spot and NEVER stray from it. If you’re going to fly a golf ball at 130+ MPH through a slit in two trees that’s 8″ wide, you’re going to need to be very exact about where you want the ball to start.¬†

2. Establish Footing

Ever hear¬†the story about that 15,500 square foot mega mansion built on the cliffs of San Fran, CA? They poured over 5 million dollars worth of foundational concrete first. Why? So the house doesn’t slide into the San Francisco Bay when the earth decides it’s coughing up a lung.¬†


Hitting from the trees is no different. ¬†Chances are you’re either standing on pine straw, roots, rocks, leaves or loose dirt. How would you expect to put that 1/4″ sweet-spot on the back of the golf ball at 80+ MPH if your foundation is built on twigs?¬†

DIG IN.  Get your spikes to unearth some creepy-crawlers. Because without this, you have almost zero percent chance of doing exactly what you want here. 

3. Manage your weight

Chances are, the ball has to fly low to get out from entrapment. Chances are, the ball has to fly pretty straight as well. If you’re going to do both of those things, your weight has to stay FORWARD and STABLE throughout the motion. Imagine trying filet some sashimi tuna¬†while throwing your head around like a rockstar. You’ll probably¬†end up in the ER.

Forward-positioned weight means you can lean the shaft more forward, which de-lofts the club. This will help the ball fly low and powerfully.  Keeping your weight stable means not allowing that noggin to move much as you swing back and through. Keep your head directly on TOP of the golf ball throughout the entire motion.



To be precise, is to be in control. You don’t need anything more than about a half swing. (chances are the club will go back further without you knowing it). Keep it short to keep it in control.¬†

5.  Return to your spot

Visualize the ball flying over your spot and take a few slow practice swings matching the club face to that spot at impact. This is TRAINING your brain to accomplish what you’re visualizing. Finish low and rotate fully¬†so your belt buckle aims to the target. Your arms and hands should be positioned in front of your chest and the club should be not much higher than parallel to the ground at the finish.¬†


If¬†you implement these 5 checklist items, you’ll be on your way to becoming the hero your friends and family always dreamed of. We can’t wait to hear the stories! Got any good ones? Shoot us a message at, and we’ll¬†feature ’em on our blog and social media!¬†



Disclaimer: Dirty Larry Golf hereby absolves itself of responsibility for any injury to you, your playing partners, or any surrounding animal life if the above tactics are not implemented properly.