10 Easy Ways to Play Better Golf in 2016

Hey there Dirt-Nation,

Punxsutawney Phil said spring is right around the corner. Now, given the varmint has been wrong 15 times and right 13 times over the last 28 years, you’re probably better off flipping a coin.

He does have a unique ability to gather the masses, though. gal-groundhog-26-jpg

As you prepare for this upcoming season, I want you to ask yourself one question: 

What area of my game gave me the most trouble last year?

Most every golfer is in search of a means to shoot lower scores, but we rarely we put in the effort to identify and change what plagues us. And that’s the definition of insanity (according to some guy whose name is synonymous with brilliance).

I want you to really reflect on last season, and then create a top-heavy checklist for yourself. What does that mean?

The checklist should answer the above question FIRST (and make it the biggest), and then branch downwards into subtopics beneath it. After you’ve completed your checklist, refer below for our favorite ways to improve your game and shoot lower scores, all in one spot.

Have a bad wedge game? Click HERE

Missing make-able putts? HERE and HERE, and then HERE

Struggling with a slice? HERE

Hitting crisp iron shots? HERE

Bunker play? HERE

Getting up and down? HERE

Avoiding the dreaded blowup hole? HERE

Bad tempo? See our friends at the Orange Whip, HERE and SwingClick, HERE

In need of wardrobe upgrade? HERE

How about a good laugh? HERE

There’s enough information out there on how to improve in golf to make your head spin. Take bits and pieces of the above and tailor it to your needs. We guarantee that if you put in the effort, you’ll reap the rewards this year.

To your game!