Our Favorite Golf Gambling Games To Play With Your Buddies

There’s nothing more invigorating than throwing it all on the line and coming up big. There are certainly hundreds of variations to the “money game” in golf, which can make for a confusing (and sometimes frustrating!) start to your round. FEAR NOT!¬†With this simple guide, you’ll stand on the tee with confidence knowing exactly what you’re getting into. So maybe the next time you tee it up, you can call the shots and let those other peons bask in your gamut of¬†golf gambling know-how!

We have some N.C. State grads in the house, so it’s no surprise our first pick is WOLF.¬†

1. Wolf

Wolf is won or lost in self-confidence. ¬†If you’re a great player who knows you can hit all the shots, but never happens to score well when you need to, this is an AWESOME game to help develop those skills under the gun. The basic premise is here:¬†

  • Order of play is decided on the first hole with the classic golf “tee spin.” This order rotates through the whole round.
  • The player who tees off first is the “wolf.”
  • ¬†The wolf, after watching everyone else’s tee shots, has to decide whether or not they’ll “go it alone,” (Lone Wolf) or pick a partner for a 2v2 match on that hole. This can be anyone in the foursome. If he or she decides to go it alone AFTER everyone’s tee shot, the bet is worth double.¬†(Handicaps can and should be used in the instance that all players are not of equal playing ability)¬†¬†*If he or she decides to partner up, they must select their partner immediately after all tee shots are hit.¬†
  • Low net 1-ball score wins the hole.

EXAMPLE: If the lone wolf makes a four, and nobody else in the foursome scored better, the wolf wins double the bet from each of the three players. The easiest way is to keep “dots” on your scorecard next to your score on each hole.¬†

*If each “dot” or bet is worth $1, the wolf would win a total of $6 on that hole in this case.

If the wolf LOSES the hole (someone else in the foursome made a three), the wolf would pay out $2 to each of the three players (Again, a total of $6) 

  • If the wolf is feeling particularly hungry, he or she can declare themselves the “Blind¬†Wolf” BEFORE ANYONE tees off. This means that no matter the shape of anyone’s drive (including his or her own!), the wolf has already decided to go it alone. This is the confident wolf — the wolf with the biggest appetite and perhaps even the biggest ego. We all know that person in our foursome¬†????! If the wolf wins, he earns triple the bet. If he loses, he pays out triple the bet.¬†

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The Wolf order is decided by the first hole tee spin, and first hole order. If player A is the wolf on hole 1…

Player B on hole 2

Player C on hole 3

Player D on hole four… etc. etc.¬†

This leaves two holes remaining at the end you say! Yes it does. Typically, he or she who is in last place after hole 16 is given the honors on hole 17 to become the wolf on the remaining holes. But, your foursome is free to decide the fate.

Who will be wolf meat next time YOU tee it up? 

2. Robin Hood 

This is our variation on the classic “Battle Golf” or “Pick up Sticks.” It’s a team game, so pick your partner wisely. If there are unfair playing abilities, use handicaps. It has a few twists that we like to use to keep things¬†very¬†interesting.¬†*Make sure you take carts for this one.¬†

  • The game is¬†typically played in standard match play, but CAN be broken into three bets: front, back, overall.¬†
  • When a team LOSES¬†a hole, they get the luxury of stealing from the rich and removing a club from each of their opponents’ bags. The losing team goes 1 down on the match.¬†
  • If at any point during the round, a player recovers from the woods or from a hazard and makes par (or better) he or she gets to steal a club back. In addition, if any player makes a net birdie, they get a club back. Net Eagle? Two clubs back.¬†
  • If at any point during the round, a leading team is DORMIE on the match (3 up with 3 to play), they better be good with¬†every arrow in the quiver. That’s because the team that is down gets to steal EVERY CLUB IN THEIR¬†BAG (BUT ONE) until the match is over.¬†????


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3. Vegas

This one can get out of hand quickly. And we like out of hand. 

  • A 2v2 team game with point values assigned to combined score¬†
  • If player A+B are on a team, and player A makes a four and player B makes a five, their score is 45. Player C and D (on the same team) make a five and seven, respectively. Their score is 57. Team AB would be leading by 12 points¬†
  • The points can be any monetary value you choose. High roller? $1 / point. Average golfer with a wife, maybe kids, kids college tuition to pay…heck, your own college tuition to pay!!!? ¬†Try a dime per point.¬†
  • The only time the low score doesn’t precede the high score is when a player makes a 10 or more. Let say you make a 10 and your partner makes a four. Your score isn’t 410, it’s 104.¬†
  • Low score wins at the end of the round. Anything near 800 will pretty much take the cake.¬†

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading along and picked up an idea or two for your next gambling game.¬†Now go fatten your wallets, DLG Fam!!!