Looking for Lt. Dan

About 3-4 years ago, I had been playing one day with a few of you kids, and within that group was a guy named Dan Schurman.  I think most of you will remember Dan- big and strong. He was in some shape. I don’t think he was PGM, however he worked at LPGC doing grunt work.  He loved golf, and with his size he could hit it a ton, often on to another planet.  He loved action, and we were always playing for a few $’s (and most of the time it didn’t go into his pocket).  Some time over the next few days, I wandered in to the pro shop, and there on the bulletin was a note written in big red letters, something like—“Stay away from Larry. He is now Dirty Larry. He will take all your money”–something to that effect.  After that, the name stuck.

Dan had an interesting background.  He had previously done a four year hitch in the U.S.M.C, enlisted and then gone on to get his degree at NC State.  In the meantime he re-upped, went to Officer Training School and now wears bars on his shoulders.  He’s out there serving somewhere, and trust me, we’re lucky to have him.  Happy Fourth of July to everyone and all the Lt. Dans who are looking out for us…Danny if you somehow read this, let us know.  I would love to hear from you—Dirty