Jordan Spieth Credits ‘Big Putting Change’ For the Win

We all know that Jordan Spieth uses a bit of an unorthodox method for rolling short putts. You’ve seen it: He aligns, gets comfortable, then stares at the hole while he pulls the putter back.


The other thing he’s staring at is an end of season bonus check for $10M.

During the Tour Championship, he made a “big change” to that strange putting process. “I started using the line on the ball to line the ball up on putts that were non-feel based,” Spieth said. “I felt my alignment with my putter was bit off, and it was.”

He made tons of clutch par putts coming home which often times are even more confidence-boosting than birdies. For the week, Spieth finished third in total putts, first in putts-made distance (easy when you make 25% from 20-25ft!), and an unbelievable 61 for 66 in putts under 10 ft. Imagine holing 92% from 10 feet and in. How many strokes could you save?

“What this line did, it allowed me to find a good spot right in front of the ball where I can look at to roll it over,” Spieth said.

My gosh, it’s like he’s writing our script for us.

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The 22 year, 2 month old kid from Dallas capped off a $22M year on the PGA Tour, breaking records he only dreamed about growing up. He’s the youngest to amass 5 wins since Horton Smith (age 21), and the youngest ever to win the FedEx Cup.

But the thing that people gravitate towards more than the recent celebrity status is his unwavering and relentless dedication to doing good in the world, above anything else. When asked how he planned on spending his earnings, Spieth replied that he’d “help those who made this possible.” The Texan often credits his “team” for his successes on Tour. Although he realizes he’s the one out there grinding and hitting the shots, he always commends the physical, mental, and emotional support provided by his inner circle.


What a true gentleman. What a historic season. What a great time to be into the game of golf.

Congrats, @JordanSpieth.