Fix the Flip: Save A Scorecard

If you’re a golfer, you’ve probably been told at one point or another¬†

“you flipped it!”

Do you know why¬†“flipping” causes inconsistent contact? Do¬†you want to learn how to stop flipping the golf club? Lucky for you, we’ve got less than a five-minute read and a simple and easy golf drill that’ll put an end to the flip forever! But first…¬†

Why is it even such a bad thing in the first place?

The flip causes the low point in your golf swing to vary wildly. So, what is low-point?¬†The low-point is where the sole of the club reaches the farthest position AWAY from your body’s center. (Essentially when it enters the ground and reaches the lowest point of the divot before exiting and heading back up to the sky)¬†


Graphic Credit: TrackMan Blog

When the low point varies, so too does your contact and ability to control the flight of the golf ball.

Have you ever skulled a golf shot and sent it screaming across the green? Have you ever hit 2 inches behind the ball and stood there embarrassed by it? These mistakes cost amateur golfers countless numbers of strokes every time they tee it up. And the worst part about it?

There’s no excuse for not doing it right!¬†

Check out this simple and easy drill to help fix the flip forever! 

Step 1:

Insert a credit card as shown into the back of your glove.



Take some slow, short chipping motions (FIRST without a ball) keeping the back of the credit card from rubbing/bending against the back of your wrist/arm. If it touches, start over and go more slowly.


Here’s what we DON’t¬†want:

flipping-through-impact-3 flipping-through-impact-2


Add a golf ball to the routine. Again, start slow. Make some chips focusing only on keeping the back of the card off the back of your wrist. 



Remove the card and have a go at it. If you want, have a friend record some slo-motion video. If you work on feeling this with chipping, you’ll be able to add it to pitching, then punch shots, then even half swings, and finally the full swing!¬†

There you have it. Use it enough, and that credit card might find its way into your regular practice routine and not back into your wallet. 

Don’t say we never did nothin’ for ya.

Simple. Easy. Intuitive. Immediately effective.

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