Off-season Golf Gear to Enhance Your Game

Not¬†all golfers are blessed with 80 degree days after October¬†(Looking at you, Florida)… but we sure are getting that itch.

Instead of allowing¬†your golf game to go into hibernation along with all our furry friends, dust off the sticks and get to practicing. Too cold you say? Have no fear. We’ve picked some stellar products to make the chillier months feel a little more cozy. Let’s show your buddies who owns this next golf season.

1. Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

When the weather outside is frightful, cruising the course can still be delightful with this portable heater. It’s made to fit right in your cup holder. And it’s wind resistant to combat the dreaded cold breeze.

MSRP $119.99

Find it discounted on Amazon. Or you can pick it up in store at your local Cabela’s, Golfsmith¬†or other sporting goods retailer.

2. G-Tech Hand Warmer

You’ve gotta keep your paws hot for optimal performance. This¬†high-tech hand warmer won’t let you down. It was initially designed for CFL players in Canada, but has since popped up in the NFL, along with our friends on the PGA Tour + LPGA Tour. *Fun fact: Both Team USA + Team Europe used it in last year’s Ryder Cup* All you need to do is charge it up, and you’re good to go.

MSRP $99.99

Order direct from G-Tech online.

3. The Navigator Putting Aid

One of our favorite things about this training aid is that you can use it anywhere. Can’t convince yourself to step out into the tundra? Slap it on a putter in your living room or office. Our Tour pros have told us they like to use it in the hotel room when they’re on the road. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Come golf season, you’ll be lethal on the putting green.

Green Navigator Putting Aid

MSRP $59

Get it ON SALE now direct from Dirty Larry Golf. Also available on Amazon.

4. Skytrak In-Home Simulation

A lot has been said about simulators and launch monitors these days. And now it’s more affordable than ever to get realistic and accurate information in the comfort of your home! If you’re just looking to work on the swing and get the most important info like launch, launch angle, spin, and face/path data with instant ball flight tracking and 3D visualization, look no further than Skytrak. You can also get access to play some of the world’s most exclusive courses (fees may apply).¬†

Editors Note: Some of the less expensive brands on the market aren’t nearly as accurate.

MSRP: $1995 (or payments as low as $59/month with approved financing)

Get it online direct from