Golf Is A Virtue

We usually find some entertainment value in those individuals who act like buffoons on the golf course, but the reality is that we really love golf because of the principles of the game. And when you take a close look, there’s no doubt about it, playing golf will start to make your soul shine. Here are the game’s seven proven virtues…


The meaning of chastity really comes down to being pure- in dress, thoughts, actions and words. While the rules of golf may feel overwhelming at times, it’s obvious that they come from nothing but good intentions. And sticking by them is likely to shape you into a more “pure” person. Wearing the proper attire, watching your language, being respectful, and telling the truth about your score all start to shape you into a more presentable, wholesome individual. If you’re really true to it, they may even coagulate into a little halo above your head by the end of your round.

Photo: CBS Sports/Youtube


Ahh, temperance. This can be a tricky one. We all know how frustrating a bad round can be. And sometimes every ounce of us wants to cuss, toss our clubs and throw a hissy fit, but that’s a no-no. We’re told to always maintain composure. In the amateur world, lack of temperance may earn some eye rolls. In the professional world, it may earn some pretty hefty fines. So take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars you’re playing the best game on earth, will ya?


It does our hearts good to know just how closely tied golf and the PGA are to acts of charity. The PGA Tour donated a whopping record of over $166 million last year alone. With tournaments relying on more than 100,000 volunteers, the majority of events are structured as non-profit organizations designed to donate 100 percent of net proceeds to charity. If you think that’s impressive, take note that the Tour has donated $2.5 billion in sum total over time. Still, it’s not just the big leagues that are making a difference. The Golf Tournament Association of America estimates that over 800,000 local tournaments are held each year, with some events raising over $300,000 alone.

Photo: PGA Tour


No one ever became great at golf by just showing up. To master a game that requires the perfection of a complex motion down to precise inches and centimeters requires hours upon hours of practice. It also means battling through days when things just aren’t lining up. We’ve all probably said that we “hate” this game or that we’re going to quit before, yet we’re still right here, truckin’ on. Just remember- the more diligent the golfer, the better player they’ll be. Get out there and get after it.

Photo: John Tomsett


While we may spend hours working at it, we certainly can’t choose when things will click for us on the course. One of the hardest parts of the game is waiting for that breakthrough to come. And it will come (in its own time), but you have to be patient. Of course, the patience of a golfer doesn’t stop there. There’s waiting patiently between golf seasons, waiting a whole year for the Masters to return, waiting for your buddy to finish his eight practice swings before he finally tees off, and waiting for the group ahead of you to clear the green.Yes, we all get a little antsy, but we know that we’re expected to practice patience on the course. And the more we do, the more it becomes a part of us.


While golf sets us each out on our own personal voyages, you can throw the “every man for himself” notion out the window. We are taught to show kindness to anyone and everyone we encounter throughout our round. Your playing partner’s shot into the woods might not really be your problem, but it doesn’t hurt to lend an extra set of eyes. That group behind you could wait, but you can also let them play through. Be kind on the links, and it will come back to you tenfold.

Photo: Brandon Tucker/TravelGolf


Have you ever noticed that just when you’re flying high, golf has a way of bringing you right back down to earth? You may have all the skill in the world, but there’s nothing like a bad bounce or an unforeseen break to remind you just how powerless you really are in the grand scheme of things. (Your buddies are probably good at reminding you too.) As much as it can hurt, these moments are shaping you to be a much better person.