The Best Damn Golf Gifts Under $100 (DLG HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE)

It’s that time of year, DLG fam! We’ve hand selected some of our favorite items from around the U.S. that have served us well this year in the training aid business. And NO, they’re not all training aids! YES, they’re all under $100. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best golf gifts that’ll be sure to please that special someone on your list this year.¬†


#trending. Everybody copied Yeti, who was the first and best. Spring the extra buck or two (it’s the holidays for crying out loud). ¬†We believe in celebrating innovation. And we also believe in calling out the small-brained trolls who rely on copying others’ intelligence and creativity. Don’t buy your loved-one an imposter tumbler.¬†

Golf Gifts TumblerMSRP: $39.99

Where to buy: You’d be hard pressed NOT to find a place to buy a Yeti Tumbler these days. Just keep your nose out of your phone next time you’re walking around pretty much…anywhere. You’ll find it. Or you can visit ’em online.¬†

2. a set of these rad Solid brass bottle opener coasters 

There’s nothing more we love doing here at DLG than plopping down a cold beverage after a long day’s work. Function meet fashion: introducing the “Wide Opener,” as designer Jevin Michael calls it. ¬†We just ordered four of these bad boys for¬†DLG headquarters, and I can’t say for certain yet, but I think our drinks like us more.¬†

Did I mention they’re designer? ¬†¬†golf gifts coaster

MSRP: $35.00

Where to buy:

3. The DLG ‘Friends’ Gift Pack

A shameless plug. Sorry, we love this pack. ¬†Right now, it’s discounted down to $65 and we’ve got limited stock left. If you’re into it, get after while it lasts! #FriendsDontLetFriends3Putt

Golf Gift Pack

MSRP: $99  on sale for $65

Where to buy:

4. SwingClick 

At DLG, we like simple. That’s why we like the SwingClick Aid. Has anybody ever told you that your tempo is off? Do you struggle with two way misses on the golf course? Do you ever feel like the first part of your downswing (transition) is faster than at impact itself? This aid is for you! Strap it on, listen for the clicks, and instantaneously pick up more speed and fairways this year.2646338_redMSRP:¬†$39.99

Where to buy:

4. The Very Warm Hand Warmer 

So we met this cat at the PGA Show last year. This product is off the hook! Not your average hand warmer. It comes with a rechargeable 7v Lithium Ion Battery, and a patent pending “grab pole” on the inside that provides instant and all encompassing warmth. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, sporting a sub-freezing day on the links, or watching your kids’ football game outdoors, your ice-cold meathooks stand no chance!!

Now if they could only make one of these things for your wife’s feet as she crawls into bed and sticks you with ’em! C’mon!

graphic4_9383591a-429e-4b08-aa71-5c7b4c52c3ee_2048x2048MSRP: $99.99

Where to buy: