Fastest Way to Improve In Golf? 

Most professional golfers and skilled amateurs would agree that the fastest way to improve your score and gain the edge isn’t by beating balls on the driving range. It’s not by buying the newest and greatest driver, hotlist set of irons or by honing your ball flight. What separates struggling amateurs from good amateurs, and excellent mini tour players from tour professionals?

It starts inside of 100 yards and finishes with the putter. 

How good are you with a wedge in your hand and how good are you with a putter?

Tour players hit 85-95 percent of their greens when approaching from 100 yds or less. How would you stack up? Take the challenge: 

Hit 10 balls from 100 yds to a target green. After all 10 shots, measure your hit percentage, and calculate your average distance to the hole.

Now, do the same drill but focus on two things:

1. Keep your weight stable and centered in the backswing (You can even slightly favor the lead foot)
2. Use the back of your lead hand to direct the club face. Always send the back of your left hand TOWARDS the target. Feel like it stays square all the way through the impact area.

Did your hit percentage and proximity change?

This year on tour, the average proximity to the hole from approach shots inside 100 yards is 15-16 feet. By shear probability, you’re going to make DOUBLE the putts from 15 feet than you would from 20-25. And if you find yourself in search of defying the odds even further, get yourself a Navigator and learn how to start putts on line. Dave Stockton, putting guru, frequent contributor to Golf Digest Magazine, and coach to Phil Mickelson, would agree that picking a spot in front of the ball and rolling it over that spot is the easiest way to make more putts and lower your score!

If you don’t believe us and want to find some more info on why short game is arguably the most important part to being able to score on the golf course, consult with our friend Dave Pelz, or the Bleacher Report.

If you don’t feel like reading, here are a few photo excerpts:

If you find yourself struggling with hitting greens from 100 yards and in, it’s time to book a lesson with your local PGA professional, and get those wedges under wraps!

And if you find yourself struggling to hole those putts you know you should be making, pay us a visit online. You won’t be disappointed.