Dr. Bob

My humble thanks to everyone who has looked at or heard of Dirty Larry Golf. I have been lucky enough to have a good retirement job at Lonnie Poole Golf Course, since they opened – a place to play and be around the game I have always loved. I couldn’t imagine what was in store for me, and never saw it coming.  To all my PGM friends, my associate workers, and everyone I have met these last four years, thanks and God Bless.

I was in my starter job this past Sat., something I look forward to.  I know most everybody around the club, and I share the feeling of anticipation of a new day on the golf course. It’s a new start with new ideas and possibilities, just chasing the dream. An older gentleman I have seen over the years was getting out of his cart, by himself and getting ready to putt – or so I thought.  Maybe a half an hour went by and again he caught my eye, this time examining a fairly new looking driver, big white head glowing in the morning sun.  He took a few swings, looked at it again, and then put it back in his bag.  My attention was drawn elsewhere, and probably another 20 minutes went by.  Then he was standing on the back of the tee, gazing over the golf course.  I went to him and asked how he was and how was his game, he replied that he was hoping to get out to play nine and asked if we had an opening.  I should have acknowledged him sooner, as there were a few threesomes available.  Luckily, there were 3 guys who had just arrived to the tee, their fourth – a no show.  He was ready, I saw the look in his eye.

They were very gracious to their new arrival and down the fairway they went.  I watched him swing and you could tell at one time he was a player – you just know.  It made me feel good.  I thought back to a day when I was looking for a game here in the beginning of all of this, and a few young guys graciously accepted me as their fourth.  I know one thing, the next time I see this gentlemen I’ll ask him to tee it up.  I think I could learn a lot, and if this happens to you, enjoy the experience.  We are all living the dream.

-“Dirty” Larry