Six Little Known Facts About Augusta National

Cows once ruled the hallowed grounds. During WWII, few of AGNC’s 128 members had booking a tee time too high up on the ole’ priority list. Having donated prior proceeds to the war, the leadership determined that the club would either have to reduce operations or disband entirely. Bobby Jones, realizing the potential for the unused acreage, … Continue reading Six Little Known Facts About Augusta National »

Golf Is A Virtue

We usually find some entertainment value in those individuals who act like buffoons on the golf course, but the reality is that we really love golf because of the principles of the game. And when you take a close look, there’s no doubt about it, playing golf will start to make your soul shine. Here … Continue reading Golf Is A Virtue »

Play Better Golf: Overcoming Embarrassment

While whipping your golf game into shape, one of the most crucial components can be creating and managing the right mindset for success on the course. A strong mental game is the foundation for faster improvement and more plentiful enjoyment. So, let’s talk about embarrassment. The source and intensity of embarrassment will vary from golfer to golfer, … Continue reading Play Better Golf: Overcoming Embarrassment »

Golf Season Prep

Ole Punxsutawney Phil has made his prediction, extending our winter woes. And not all golfers are blessed with 80 degree days in February (Looking at you, Florida)… but we sure are getting that itch. If you’ve allowed your game to go into hibernation along with all our furry friends, it’s about time to dust off the … Continue reading Golf Season Prep »