#1 Quick Tip To Finish Off The “Fat Shot” Forever (using a camera angle you’ve never really thought about)

It happens to the best of us. Heck, it even happens on tour every now and again. You’ve got a wedge in your hand and you’re staring down the pin from 70-80 yards. Knock it close, and you’ve got a chance to roll in a birdie to go one-up in the match.¬†It’s pretty much teed up on a silver platter….and everything is great until¬†

you stick the club into the ground 3 inches behind the ball

Everybody is looking at you like you just dropped your firstborn. That sinking feeling in your stomach encroaches and overtakes. You step up for the next swing and catch it on the forehead. The ball is screaming over the green. It takes you three more shots to get down, and a¬†BIG number is now penciled onto the card. It inevitably¬†cements the all-to-familiar “this could have been a great round” in your mind before you’ve even made the turn. What a¬†DISASTER!

Lucky for you, if you struggle with the occasional (or not so occasional) fat shot, we’ve got a quick tip for you to help eradicate the embarrassment.

We’re going to take a peek at a few of the best ball strikers of all time. Here’s Tiger in 2013:

Tiger 2013 Rear View

The red line remains in the same position from address to impact. It will help you to visualize how the hips “sway” during the swing.

What DIRECTION are the hips are moving during the swing? 

Tiger 2013 Rear View_2

The “X” is placed on the center of the hips. As Tiger swings to the top, the “X” actually moves FORWARDS or TOWARDS the target. At impact the “X” remains FORWARD relative to the address position.

A lot of golfers have long¬†thought that¬†the weight must move BACK and into the rear foot in the backswing. ¬†You’ve thought, “I¬†have to transfer my weight to generate power.” FALSE.¬†As you’ll notice in the next several examples, the best ball strikers in the world actually move their mass more TOWARDS the target in the backswing, and keep that mass TOWARDS the target through impact. And what do most amateur golfers do?


MOST amateur golfers¬†transfer their weight and mass AWAY from the target in the backswing, then proceed to ‘spin-out’ in the downswing in an effort to generate speed. This keeps the mass BACK through impact — and that’s¬†pretty much a guaranteed ticket to the sod farm.


Now take a look at some of the other greats…¬†

Jack Nicklaus Rear View



Rory McIlroy Rear View


Zach Johnson Rear View


See A common theme? 

When your center of mass moves FORWARD, and stays FORWARD, the low point of the swing is more likely to be FORWARD as well. This helps you hit the little white ball BEFORE the big green one (getting rid of the fat shot once and for all!)

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